Classmates Support Return

All 19 students who are taking the 255 Introduction to Ceramics afternoon class with Eliza have signed statements stating:

I, ____________, fully support Eliza Schaaf attending Southern Oregon University. Eliza’s participation in my Introduction to Ceramics class has not “resulted in a disruption of curriculum delivery and interfered with the learning environment for the other students” and I speak for myself as a student in disagreement of this statement written by the College of Arts and Sciences administration. I have acknowledged Eliza’s passion for learning and commitment to class. Any help provided by myself for Eliza in the class was never an inconvenience for myself, and did not distract from my education at Southern Oregon University. I believe that Eliza, and her personal assistant, have followed the rules of enrollment as a non-admitted, auditing student and should immediately be allowed to rejoin her peers in the “Introduction to Ceramics” class accompanied by her requested assistant to accommodate her specific needs.

To see copies of their signed statements click on link to right titled:
All 19 Classmates Support Return

Letter from Classmate Mollie Mustov: