Saturday, October 6, 2012

Highline 2012 first two weeks

 this is my cat smokey she died in may this year.
this is me visiting High line 
 I just attended the Achieve program  
 this is me and Jenni at the celebration  
 this was my first day of the summer program
this is me and my best friend Erika 
 my first batch of peanut butter cookies
 this is the inside of the house 
 just relaxing at my desk
 the sunset
 this is my new school
 this is the walking path / it hurts my back every day
 this is building 30 / its at the top of the parking lot. 
 pretty flowers 
this is were i take my class 
the parking lot
 beautiful flowers 
this is me at the totem pole go thunder birds! 


  1. Go Thunderbirds! (Or Thunderbirds are go, to follow a favourite puppet show).

    I imagine the walking path is on a hill. Hope you don't get too many stitches, Eliza.

    Yes, I do remember Smokey. She was a special cat.

    Love the hydrangeas. They must have grown a lot through the summer, like you.

    And the look of the apartment and your desk!

    The Highline hoodie must be smug and warm...

  2. Hi Eliza! We just saw you today at the Puget Sound Buddy Walk! My daughter Elizabeth liked it when you said, "Believe in yourself! Follow your dreams!"

    Thank you for speaking today. You did a wonderful job.

  3. Love the photos Eliza! Thanks for sharing a piece of Highline with us! <3