Friday, September 16, 2011

An Invitation from Eliza - Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk - Sept. 25, 2011

STEP UP with
Eliza’s Dream Team!
You are invited to join me for the 2011 Step Up for DownSyndrome Walk (formerly Buddy Walk) on Sept. 25th at Hawthorne Park!  I have created a team called Eliza’s Dream Team and I want to know if you want to participate on my team?  There are two ways you can help - 1) COME WALK WITH ME!!! …and… 2) DONATE ON-LINE TO MY TEAM!  Many of you know I have lots of dreams!  Two of my dreams are to go to college and to learn new things.  For example, this summer I went to a bike camp in Portland and learned how to ride a 2-wheeled bike!  Yahoo!
Most of you guys know that I am not at Southern Oregon University anymore…that whole experience has been hard on me. Someday I hope I can go back there again.  Some good things did happen from my SOU experience. For one, I made friends with Mollie, Evan, Emery and Spencer from SOU and Ruby, James, Bobby and Vivi from Chapman Univ. They are all great! They also made a film project “Hold My Hand” about me (password is eliza). I hope you can see it. There's also a speech a gave on June 1st about my experience that's kind of interesting. 
This summer I visited lots of different colleges around the country in many states like Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maine, California and British Columbia. My plan is to apply to colleges like Edgewood College in Madison, WI for next fall. I really want to go to college! I want to make new friends and learn new things like printmaking, writing, photography, maybe film making and public speaking. I want to take college classes just like everybody else. The cool thing is at the places I visited this summer, I CAN go to COLLEGE! 
So…those are some of my dreams!  I hope you will join me and STEP UP for Down Syndrome with the DREAM TEAM! The money we raise will support the Down SyndromeAssociation of Southern Oregon and help other people with Down syndrome, like me, reach their dreams too!  Please visit: to SIGN UP and DONATE
Thanks!…I hope you will come WALK with me on September 25th!
Eliza Schaaf

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  1. Lots of people would like to be part of the Dream Team, Eliza.

    Wow: lots of college opportunities and options for the year!

    And the bike camp!