Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Hold My Hand" - Southern Oregon Premiere!!! - June 1st Ashland High School - Mountain Avenue Theater


Hold My Hand Trailer from James Parker on Vimeo.

Downloadable PDFs:
Hold My Hand - Event Flier
Hold My Hand - Community Engagement Campaign - Eliza

On Wednesday, June 1st, 6:00pm-8:00pm - Hold My
Hand, a documentary on Eliza filmed by four Chapman University film major students, will be screened at Ashland High School Mountain Avenue Theater. SOU students, 2 of the film makers, Eliza, 2 former teachers and more will be on hand to speak and participate in a panel Q & A discussion with the community to explore questions around difference, desires and higher education.

For those who have been following Eliza's story since last fall, we encourage you to come view this moving documentary, meet Eliza and engage in a dialog about higher education and inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities. Over 250 colleges are welcoming students with intellectual disabilities onto their campuses. Please come join us to talk about diversity, difference, the world as seen from Eliza, the desire to further one's education and solutions to move toward inclusive opportunities for all.

We encourage you to watch the trailer below and PASS THE WORD! We are anticipating a LARGE turnout. Doors will open at 5:30, admission is free and seating is limited - so please arrive early.

The evening will include:
Welcome - Pam Marsh - Moderator/emcee
Introduction - Mollie Mustoe - SOU student
Screening "HOLD MY HAND"
Speech - Eliza Schaaf
Community Panel - Q & A Forum
Conclusion - What's Next?

For further information please email: elizaschaafmovement@gmail.com


  1. Excellent event!!! You may already have plans for this yet I would love this documentary, along with Eliza as a guest speaker, to be shared with children and youth in our community. We may not be able to change the minds of all adults who do not understand the power and blessings of an integrated society however I believe that by Eliza sharing her story with courage, strength, and conviction that she will help change the next generation's perceptions and gain the complete acceptance of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  2. Last night I attended the showing of, "Hold My Hand." I also had the opportunity to talk with Eliza and her mother; who are both amazing individuals. I am still in utter dismay over this whole situation. I am incredibly disappointed in the way SOU administration has and continues to respond. I could go on and on about the immorality of the university's actions against Eliza, but feel that won't be necessary considering we are all on the same page here. I am not usually one to get involved, but feel it is crucial to not just Eliza to show my support, but my community and myself to stand up for what is ethical. We all too often do not speak up for various reasons, but by not saying anything we are making a statement (intentional or not). I cannot emphasize enough how saddened I am that Eliza did not experience an inclusive classroom at SOU. I cannot imagine the rejection she feels, but will say that through all of this she is inspiring many (including myself) to aid in helping make vital changes that will provide EVERYONE an opportunity to pursue higher education if they so desire with SOU. Thank you Eliza for sharing your story and hopes with all of us!