Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today's newest Front Page Story on Eliza

Today's Mail Tribune and Ashland Daily Tidings has Eliza front and center, happily glazing her third and final class project. We just received a call from our postal carrier informing us that he has the certified letter from SOU and will be delivering it to us on the Greensprings around 12:30. We will post a BLOG shortly after that. We don't quite no what to expect, but understand that pressure on this issue has come from many different angles and we are hopeful that the news will be good.

Here's the link to today's story:

Community rallies behind Down syndrome student

More Press - The Siskiyou is the student newspaper of SOU. There are 3 stories on Eliza currently posted at: THE SISKIYOU


  1. It seems to me that SOU is laying itself open to a lawsuit under ADA. The ACLU should be contacted and information filed with them. I would strongly reccomend that someone advise the administration that what they have done is discriminatory and look into violations of State and Federal law.

  2. it is a violation of ADA and they should first file with oregon dept of civil rights office of civil rights under your state's hc civil rights act and also under the ADA as well. perhaps it will force them to follow the ADA. and send a copy to us doj office of civil rights coordination and review , civil rights section. and office of ADA compliance in doj. log on to will find the links you need. hope i helped.