Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Mail Tribune - Editorial & Letters to the Editor - Nov 21

Here are 2 new pieces on Eliza from the Sunday Edition of the Mail Tribune

Editorial: Let her finish the class
Then decide what to do with would-be college students such as Eliza Schaaf

Letter to the Editor: Support rejected student


  1. Of all towns Ashland, Oregon, the town of diversity; that denies one of it's own the chance to participate and learn. This is completely nonsensical. Let's hope this develops into something incredibly positive that no one would have imagined happening for Eliza the artist's life...go,go, go and don't stop. Count your blessings and keep on stepping.

  2. This editorial has been published as a guest editorial in the LaGrande (Oregon) Observer, the November 26-28 weekend edition. So glad to see it in our local paper.