Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CALL TO ACTION - November 23

Friends, family and supporters, we need your help. SOU appears unmoved by the community reaction to their dismissal of Eliza. They have sent us another insensitive letter, reiterating that Eliza cannot attend her final two pottery classes or be accommodated at SOU in the future.
Our voices need to be louder!
Eliza has received great press and endorsement by the editorial staff at the Mail Tribune to be allowed to finish the remaining 2 ceramics classes
that Eliza has worked so hard in. These last classes are on Nov 29 and Dec 2. So…time is short and we want to concentrate the message on:
  • We call on the SOU administration to find a way for Eliza to participate in her remaining two classes on Nov 29 and Dec 1. PLEASE LET ELIZA FINISH WITH DIGNITY
We are asking you to please commit to doing one or more of the following to help us get our message out, even if you have already written a letter, signed the petition, or stepped up in some other way:
1. Send a letter to people of influence and/or the media. We've made it really easy for you to do this: there is a link on the right side of this blog (CALL TO ACTION - MATERIALS) with information of where to send letters to the editor and a sample letter for people of influence with suggested e-mail address lists. Really, it's easy -- you just cut and paste and press "send."
2. Post a brief message such as this: Stand up for what is right! See www.elizaschaaf.com Post it on Facebook, Twitter, arts-related pages, disability-related pages, anywhere online you can think of.
3. Print out the “Let Eliza Finish with Dignity” fliers and put these up around your community
4. Forward the one page summary to all your friends and family. Just open the ‘One Page Summary’ tab on top of the BLOG then copy and paste it in to your email.
5. Share with us other ideas you have for advocacy.

Thank you, as always, for your support and for your commitment to creating a more tolerant world.

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  1. We like the suggestion that Mary Cullinan step-down and Ms. Arp be terminated. Also, taking it to the National Media...Today Show, NBC News, Fox news,ACLU, CBS Nightly. That should get some action & equality enforcement.